Our Services

The business of MInspecting is to provide you with the highest quality home inspection for your new home or other property. We’ve been inspecting properties for over 20 years to evaluate existing conditions, failures, leaks, and general condition. Far more important than every last gadget is a thorough understanding of how buildings work and how they’re built. We use the tools and equipment necessary, but a meter doesn’t tell you much unless you know what you’re looking for. We’re also experienced in the ways you’re NOT supposed to build a building. This allows us to look for telltale signs of a bigger problem that might not be obvious to the naked eye.

Through MArchitexture, LLP, we provide inspections and reports to homeowners, condominium associations and property managers to meet their responsibilities to the city and associations and to investigate problems. We believe that every report we create should be understandable to ordinary people. We write in plain English as much as possible, and use technical terms only where we need to for accuracy. Each report is tailored to your needs, so we won’t give you pages of boiler plate information just to fill space.

MArchitexture can provide all architectural services and we can provide engineering services through our consultants. We can also provide referrals to trusted contractors experienced in the services you need. Following are some of our services that specifically serve homeowners, condominium associations and property mangers. Click on anything in the list to find out more. Let us know how we can serve you.